Question: What is web design?

Ans: Web design means determining what a website will look like or what it will look like in general. Your job as a web designer will be to create a complete web site template. For example, what will be the layout of it.Where there will be a menu in the header, whether there will be a sidebar, how to display the images, etc. In other words, it is the job of the web designer to determine how the information will be displayed, regardless of what the website information will be and where it will be stored. And to determine this design you need to use some programming, scripting language and markup language.

Below are all the Web Design services we offer:

*     Ecommerce Wesite Design

*     Newsprotal

*     Blog SIte Design

*     Company Profile Website Design

*     NGO Type website Design etc.

To available all the above services you can available the service from the following plan price or buy some sample products made by us from the above menu bar.



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